Our Trip to the Secondary

By ECA Staff | May 27, 2018

The day finally came!  The sixth grade class was going to go to the Secondary.  From what my class said most of us were nervous and excited, including me.  When I go there the first thing I though was that I would never find my way to each classroom.  But…I was wrong. I love ECA…

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Equipping Our Students to “Walk as Wise”

By ECA Staff | Mar 6, 2018

In the Classical Trivium, we encourage students to ‘understand the truth’ in the Grammar phase; ‘reason in truth’ in the Logic/Dialectic phase; and ‘persuade in truth’ in the Rhetoric phase. Our prayer is that, when our education process is complete, our students are fully equipped to ‘walk in truth,’ or take every step in a…

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Let us Exalt Christ similar to the ways of John the Baptist

By ECA Staff | Jan 18, 2018

John the Baptist lived on earth at the time of Jesus.  He was ministering, but there came a time that he would step down and proclaim the ministry of Jesus to be more superior then his own.  Indeed, the timing of this event is really a transition time between the Old Covenant and New Covenant. …

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Students Achieve Missional Goals Only by God’s Grace!

By ECA Staff | Oct 24, 2017

My prideful side would like you to know that ECA has academic and spiritual goals for each student and that they are always being met; my humble and realistic side begs to differ!  You see, we are serious about our Mission Statement … “ECA exists to partner with parents and their church to educate, equip, and…

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2017 Valedictorian Speech Caleb Klopfenstein Class of 2017

By ECA Staff | Oct 3, 2017

My fellow graduates, students, faculty, family, and others, today I have been charged with speaking to you briefly on this bittersweet occasion. I say this because though it may be a tad bitter to our families and some of the staff here, it is very sweet for those of us graduating. I may speak for…

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ECA: Acknowledging God and Training Up Children in His Ways

By ECA Staff | May 20, 2017

As I hear from parents who have children enrolled in ECA, one common thread seems to be more important than anything else: “to train up children in the way they should go” and help them “to acknowledge God” in all aspects of life. Let’s take a brief look at three verses which support these concepts,…

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Reflections of an ECA Graduate: Andrew Edwards 2010

By ECA Staff | Apr 29, 2017

 Blue Paper Airplanes   Who reads all of the Eagle’s View Monthly, anyway? As a student at ECA I would always give it a quick scan. If I couldn’t find my name or a friend’s name somewhere in bold, that month’s Eagles’ View was swiftly recycled into a small blue paper airplane. Before this becomes…

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Is ECA Welcoming Enough?

By ECA Staff | Apr 21, 2017

At ECA, we desire to be a welcoming place! But it is becoming increasingly challenging to find like-minded Christian families to partner with our school: In a denigrating world, more families are becoming curious about the Christian moral high road, which seems like a naturally better way to educate and raise their children. In their…

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Why Do We Have Chapel at ECA?

By ECA Staff | Apr 14, 2017

One of the privileges of being a part of a Christian school is the weekly opportunity to participate in a chapel service. The ECA handbook tells us who chapel is for: “Chapel is…for the spiritual benefit of students, faculty, staff and administration,” and what chapel is for: “Chapel is a time to focus on God’s…

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Lucia, ECA Elementary 4th Grader

By ECA Staff | Apr 4, 2017

Write about a ‘Life Changing Event’ When I was in Pre-school and Pre-K I acted like the school V.I.P. and I liked it!  I loved my school too.  One example is that at recess there would be a basket, and inside the basket there would be plastic fish that we would fish for.  Another example…

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