Reflections of an ECA Graduate: Andrew Edwards 2010

By ECA Staff | Apr 29, 2017

 Blue Paper Airplanes   Who reads all of the Eagle’s View Monthly, anyway? As a student at ECA I would always give it a quick scan. If I couldn’t find my name or a friend’s name somewhere in bold, that month’s Eagles’ View was swiftly recycled into a small blue paper airplane. Before this becomes…

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Is ECA Welcoming Enough?

By Jim Johnson | Apr 21, 2017

At ECA, we desire to be a welcoming place! But it is becoming increasingly challenging to find like-minded Christian families to partner with our school: In a denigrating world, more families are becoming curious about the Christian moral high road, which seems like a naturally better way to educate and raise their children. In their…

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Why Do We Have Chapel at ECA?

By Jim Johnson | Apr 14, 2017

One of the privileges of being a part of a Christian school is the weekly opportunity to participate in a chapel service. The ECA handbook tells us who chapel is for: “Chapel is…for the spiritual benefit of students, faculty, staff and administration,” and what chapel is for: “Chapel is a time to focus on God’s…

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Lucia, ECA Elementary 4th Grader

By ECA Staff | Apr 4, 2017

Write about a ‘Life Changing Event’ When I was in Pre-school and Pre-K I acted like the school V.I.P. and I liked it!  I loved my school too.  One example is that at recess there would be a basket, and inside the basket there would be plastic fish that we would fish for.  Another example…

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ECA – Ensuring a Voice for Christian Community

By Jim Johnson | Mar 23, 2017

Rod Dreher, in his current best seller “The Benedict Option,” points out in Chapter 7 the positive benefits of classical Christian education in response to our culture’s rapid moral demise. While some of his thoughts may not match up to our faith practices completely, I appreciate some of the “thick” concepts he addresses which include…

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Reflections of an ECA Graduate: Katelyn Harbaugh (Wolfe) 2007

By ECA Staff | Mar 10, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Athletics, Academics, and the Arts Looking back on my high school experience, I am reminded of how much the Lord worked in my life and directed my steps. He used my time at ECA to grow my perseverance and work ethic, value the importance of a personal relationship with God, and to direct my…

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Junior High at ECA: Implementing Ideas, Investigation, Discussion

By ECA Staff | Feb 23, 2017

Guest Blogger: Mrs. Kerry Singleton, ECA Junior High Teacher and Administrator As any parent or teacher of a Junior High student knows, this particular age is unique and filled with joys and challenges. So what does it look like at ECA to “educate, equip, and empower students of this age to pursue their purpose in…

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6th Grade Prepares for the Move to Jr. High

By ECA Staff | Feb 14, 2017

Guest Blogger – Chase Wallace, 6th Grade Because it is very important to support ourselves and our families after college, a good education is a key factor for finding a good job and keeping a steady source of income. In order to have a good education and chances for choosing from multiple jobs in the…

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Reflections of an ECA Graduate: Ian Collins 2003

By ECA Staff | Feb 8, 2017

I often reflect on my time at Evangelical Christian Academy, the friends I made, the things I learned, and my heart is filled with immense gratitude. There are countless reasons that contribute to my appreciation – lifelong friendships, superb academics, and amazing faculty. However, I’m most thankful for the Christ-centered, gospel-focused environment, and that every…

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ECA Now More Accessible Due to School Choice Movement

By Jim Johnson | Jan 20, 2017

“Evangelical Christian Academy exists to partner with parents and their church to educate, equip, and empower students to pursue their purpose in Christ.” ECA Mission Statement During the course of this week, Betsy DeVos has undergone her Senate Confirmation Hearings prior to being cleared to serve as our new Secretary of Education. Her views on…

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