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Forging a New Path

As Accredited members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, Evangelical Christian Academy benefits from the ability to use some of their national promotional products.  A short time ago, we ran Part 1 of Geronimo!  Amen!, a video presentation to acquaint people with the definition and features of Classical Christian Education. ACCS recently completed Part…

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Don’t Miss the Blessing!

Evangelical Christian Academy has officially been part of the Classical Christian education (CCE) community since 2009.  Even though we have had this relationship, it is still challenging to convey the essence of CCE!  In this blog you will find a link to the short 19 minute movie entitled Geronimo, Amen! Part 1.  We encourage all…

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Why do I run? Why do I race? What prize do I seek?

Many of you have congratulated me on finishing the American Discovery Trail Marathon earlier this month. I really do appreciate the care and concern that many have expressed for me. This being only my second marathon, the fact that I did this one 36 years after the first and improved my time is quite gratifying! My affinity…

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